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Zeitgeist 2019

LikePlace has collected 11,187 ratings about Quality of Life in Ireland. This page sums up the key results from 2019!

Overall score for Ireland... 3.8/5 Overall Ireland is a 'GOOD' place to live

But with plenty of room for improvement!


The best
Law & Order: 3.9 /5A bar chart that illustrates the rating for this category
Economy & Jobs: 3.3 /5A bar chart that illustrates the rating for this category
Environment: 4.1 /5A bar chart that illustrates the rating for this category
Schools: 4.0 /5A bar chart that illustrates the rating for this category
Local Services: 3.7 /5A bar chart that illustrates the rating for this category
Sense of Community: 4.0 /5A bar chart that illustrates the rating for this category
Cost of Living: 3.2 /5A bar chart that illustrates the rating for this category
General Opinion: 4.0 /5A bar chart that illustrates the rating for this category

These scores show what people think about life in Ireland in 2019.

Based on 11,187 ratings, they reveal that we are..
MOST HAPPY with the quality of our Environment
• But LEAST HAPPY with the Cost of Living.

The best
A winner's cup

BEST county in 2019...


Rated 4.0/5 in total
based on 256 ratings for 43 communities

A loser's spoon

WORST county in 2019...


Rated 3.5/5 in total
based on 131 ratings for 39 communities

Next top 3 counties...*
• Co.Donegal = 4.0
• Co.Sligo = 4.0
• Co.Monaghan = 3.9

Next bottom 3 counties...*
• Co.Dublin = 3.6
• Co.Limerick = 3.6
• Co.Wexford = 3.6

Blackrock: "The place looks amazing. The Tidy Towns, residents and businesses have really pulled out all the stops."
from Blow-In

Portlaoise: "I don't know anyone of my generation who did not leave. Theose who stayed are happy as pigs in the proverbial ..."
from Mary-Ann

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Louth Town: "Louth Town, Tallanstown, Knockbridge, Inniskeen ... truly beautiful areas with an excellent quality of life to boot!"
from Polly

Clonaheen: "Love the neighbours, hate the potholes in the roads."
from Mc Evoy

Carlingford: "Where the mountains come down to the sea - a beautiful little village. In a depressed country, this place stands out as a beacon of hope."
from John

Ballyedmond: "Love the space and privacy. Hate smell of slurry!"
from M

Other strange or oddball comments

Dalkey, Co.Dublin: "How do you rate somewhere that is very nice as a place, but is totally let down by its inhabitants."
from Anon

Howth, Co.Dublin: "Never the same after Gaybo attracted in undesirables."
from Anon

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Rockall, Co.Donegal: "Beautiful part of Donegal. Irish to the core. Rock on Rockall you'll never fall."
from Wolfe

Ballyjamesduff, Co.Cavan: "A wonderful place more characters per hectare than anywhere else in the world."
from Tonyled

Darndale, Co.Dublin: "The Bronx of Ireland."
from Martina

Drogheda, Co.Louth: "The Calcutta of Co. Louth."
from Balls

Hollywood, Co.Wicklow: "The odour is just to die for!"
from Tony

Kilnaleck, Co.Cavan: "Nothing dont go there unless you love the smell of mushroom compost."
from TLed

Ballingarry, Co.Tipperary: "Wicked rough , went on holiday there once and the little cheese eaters robbed my shoes and socks..."
from T.Purcell

Killinaskully, Co.Tipperary: "Jah, zis area is very nice. I moved here some years ago from Germany. Ze people, they are good, but very lazy. Not like the fatherland."
from Deiter

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