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Life in Ireland

"What are the BEST & WORST things about living in Ireland in 2012?"

That's the question we asked our voluntary LikePlace Mayors to answer for St.PATRICK's DAY. How is austerity affecting their attitude to our country - & despite it all, are there things that can still make us smile?

Inevitably, anger dominated the negative responses, e.g. anger at banks. Yet, it seems we do retain some faith in ourselves, as belief in "Irish People" (& particularly women ;) occurred regularly as a theme.

Read the full details below and see today's overall score for Quality of Life in Ireland.

  1. Foreigners: They prevent us staring up our own backsides all the time.
  2. Size: Ireland is smaller - I can surf in Sligo in the morning & sip a coffee in Dublin by tea time.
  3. Sport: Is it just me or is everyone doing something these days?
  1. Politicians: Their self-serving blathering is the opposite of what Ireland needs.
  2. Vested Interests: From trade unions to doctors, their lack of willingness to change is stupefying.
  3. Environment: Let's be honest, we really don't care - just look how filthy our country is!
  1. Women: The women are pretty.
  2. Sun: The daylight hours are longer in the Spring, Summer & Fall.
  3. Jobs: You don't have to worry what your friends think if you have never had a job - they are likely unemployed as well!
  1. Women: The women argue too much & just don't know when to let up.
  2. Sun: There is never enough sunlight during winter to see your way home.
  3. Rain: Too much rain, I can't ever seem to get any of my outdoor work done.
  1. Honesty: The improved honesty in the Irish government.
  2. Not Greek: How much better the Irish do compared to the Greeks in getting out of the crisis.
  3. Weather: No mess with ice and frost this year.
  1. Emigration: The permanent discussion about emigrating to Canada or Australia.
  2. Travel: The fact that from Continental Europe there seems to be only 1 useful airport in Ireland.
  1. Pragmatism: The Irish just deal with the hand we're dealt, put the head down and get on with it.
  2. Pro-European: We take responsibility for our own current economic situation and don't blame our European cousins, unlike some other European cousins.
  1. Economy: We all bought into the 'Celtic Tigger(sic)'. Now we're paying for it.
  2. Private vs Public: The current and former governments seem to relish pitting the Private Sector against the Public Sector. Come on guys, we're all in this together!
  1. Peace: No war or famine.
  2. Places: We can still enjoy the freedom of a natural & rural life.
  3. People: People know how to forget their troubles for a little & let themselves go.
  1. Loss of jobs & lack of employment.
  2. Drugs & crime.
  3. Lack of accountability by Banks & Developers - it is THEY who should be made to pay for mowing down the Golden Celtic Tiger.
  1. Irish people: We don't take ourselves too seriously.
  2. Scenery: You're never more than 10 minutes from beautiful scenery.
  3. Community: You can meet a complete stranger & discover that you know their cousins.
  1. Economy: The housing market has left a lot of people with a lot of bad feeling.
  2. Emigration: The number of people having to move abroad to find work.
  3. Weather: The rainy season (January to December).

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Shane D
Mayor of Portmarnock,Dublin

James C
Mayor of Tobercurry,Sligo

Ronan D
Mayor of Drogheda,Louth

Mayor of Ballinteer,Dublin 16

Shane D
Mayor of Dublin City,Dublin 1/Dublin 2

Ronan D
Mayor of Malahide,Dublin

Mayor of Castlecomer,Kilkenny

Margaret CC
Mayor of Ballinasloe,Galway

Mayor of Corravarry,Cavan

Tom F.
Mayor of Ardagh,Longford

Donal D.
Mayor of Dundrum,Dublin 14/Dublin 15

Klaus H.
Mayor of Ballyfaudeen,Clare

Dave D.
Mayor of Skerries,Dublin

Noel C.
Mayor of Leney,Westmeath

Basil M
Mayor of Greystones,Wicklow

Major P
Mayor of Rathkeale,Limerick

Graeme M
Mayor of Clooncoran,Roscommon

Joe R
Mayor of Cloone,Leitrim

Johnny B
Mayor of Lough Gowna,Cavan

Mad J
Mayor of Doneraile,Cork

Anthony C
Mayor of Longford,Longford

Brian C
Mayor of Kells,Meath

Stiopháin F
Mayor of Ros na Rún,Galway

Willie P.
Mayor of Killinaskully,Tipperary

Eamon F
Mayor of Carrickstown,Dublin

Mayor of Glenroe,Wicklow

Mark C
Mayor of Cahir,Tipperary

Declan C
Mayor of Ballyfermot,Dublin 10

Donnchadh C
Mayor of Rann Na Feirste / Rinnafarset,Donegal

Michael O
Mayor of Carrowclare,Sligo

Roisin D
Mayor of Cross,Mayo

Patrick C
Mayor of Rathkeale,Limerick

Ned L
Mayor of Wolfhill,Laois

Patrick O
Mayor of Glennamucklagh West,Cork

Pat O
Mayor of Ballynabloun,Kerry

Broga Meehan
Mayor of Enfield,Meath

Delusions of grandeur? Why not apply to be MAYOR too? Anyone can become a LikePlace Mayor.
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