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 Find & rate communities in Ireland

How ratings work on LikePlace

We collect ratings for topics that are important to people when looking for somewhere to live. We then put all ratings together to calculate an average score for each place.

The maths works like this:

  • We take an average of the ratings submitted by each person.
  • We then put all the averages together.
  • From this we calculate an overall rating.
  • We then compare overall ratings against each other.
  • This produces a ranking.

As the volume of ratings grows, we will introduce more complex algorithms, e.g. to assign greater 'value' to ratings from people who live in an area, etc.

Rating integrity is critical to us

We know that the integrity of ratings on LikePlace is of the utmost importance. We spend a lot of time reviewing ratings and comments to make sure they are legitimate.

Of course, someone could abuse the rating system. They might want to artificially increase or decrease the score of their favourite or least-favourite place. (Think Shelbyville versus Springfield in The Simpsons.)

When we suspect this is happening, we use the following procedure:

  • We suspend rating for that location for 24 hours.
  • We post a message on the blog notifying suspension.
  • We review all ratings and delete suspicious entries.
  • Anyone who feels their rating has been unfairly removed, may contact us to appeal.

To date, we have had to initiate this procedure just twice - for Kilcummin and Ballynabloun in Co.Kerry. (Why Kerry? Don't know!)

If you find an entry that you think is suspicious you can highlight it for us by clicking the link beside it that says 'Report abuse'. It will then be forwarded to us for extra analysis.

Finally, if you think you have noticed other unusual or abusive entries, contact us and we will investigate.

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