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You can now search for places in Dublin using postcodes

You can now search for places in Dublin using postcodes not just placenames, e.g. Tallaght, Dublin 24, etc.
In addition, some new places are being added to the database. This includes my favourite city placename - Stoneybatter
Stoney. Batter. 
It's like calling a place 'Rock Bun' or something. Weird.


Anonymous Lar Veale said...

Stoneybatter, comes from Bothair na gCloch (check my Irish Spelling) meaning road of the stones.

It was one of the first paved roads leading from Tara to Glendalough and St. Patrick is said to have walked it.

When the Normans invaded, it became home to the Viking settlers, with names like Oxmantown Road coming from "Ostman", Sitric Road after the Viking king.

Little John of Robin Hood fame was also here as was said to have fired an arrow from a bridge on the Liffey up as far as Arbour Hill, where he was later hanged.

Arbour Hill in Stoneybatter is also the resting place of some of the 1916 martyrs.

So, there you have it, a whistestop history tour of Stoneybatter

18 June 2009 21:30  

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