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The LikePlace team

LikePlace is the brainchild of Ronan Diffily. His brother Shane assists with site management and design.

Ronan Diffily

A photo of Ronan Diffily

Ronan is the originator and inventor of LikePlace.

Having lived in several places and travelled throughout Ireland, he knows his Howth from his Dowth from his Knowth as well as any man.

Ronan has a degree in Applied Physics (he has a shared patent on an object that is in orbit around the earth as you read this) and a Masters Degree in Electronic Systems. He has also lived and worked in Italy, the UK, Japan and Canada.

Shane Diffily

A photo of Shane Diffily

Shane is a Senior Analyst with a leading web consultancy. He has over 10 years experience in website management and operations.

As the author of "The Website Manager's Handbook", Shane has precious few excuses if LikePlace fails to meet a high standard. This book appears on the reading list of several universities. He has also been published by the respected online design journal, A List Apart. Read Shane's profile on LinkedIn.

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