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 Find & rate communities in Ireland

About LikePlace

What is the best place to live in Ireland?

That's the question LikePlace can help you to answer. This is especially useful if you are planning to move to Ireland and want to decide where to set-up your new home.

If you already live in Ireland, you can use LikePlace to find out about parts of the country you are unfamiliar with.

Advice from real people!

We are gathering a huge database of opinions on the best places to live in Ireland. Because these opinions come from real people, you can find out what a place is actually like.

All our advice is totally independent. We are not owned by any estate agency or property developer.

There are over 50,000 places in our database. Every square inch of Ireland is covered. That means no matter where you want to go, you will find it here.

Registration is not required

Even if you have no plans to move, why not send out a message about the community in which you live by rating it? Good or bad. Pride or shame. It doesn't matter. Someone out there wants to know!

Anyone can get involved. No need to register. To get started, just use the search engine above.

LikePlace in the press

We have been interviewed on national & local radio...

We have also been featured in news print too...

Accessibility & other developments

Unfortunately, this website is not yet accessible to those with serious visual or other impairments. Due to the part-time nature of our initial time committment, this was unavoidable.

However, we are not happy this situation and aim to remedy it before too long. Just when, we cannot say. This is because we have a list of changes as long as your arm to get through (including the long promised Irish language placenames).

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